Why "Created Akin"?

Our owner, Madison, wanted to create a unique name that could also be connected to the graphics she was designing. All of our graphics have similarities with our chosen colorways and design choices yet they're all different. Our designs were created akin.


What Sparked Created Akin?

Started by a college student, Created Akin sparked from a personal experience of collegiate apparel accompanied by basic designs and the want for more representational creative designs. Our owner, Madison, is also an artist and strives to create outlets for people to tap into their art-test side. Supportive outlets allow people to have a safe space throughout their lives and having one can be determental for individuals in need of support. "Going through college is a challenge and may be one of the hardest times for young adults figuring out life. Through my apparel, I want people to feel comfortable in what they wear and carry around with them (Our accessories); being comfortable enough to be who they are unapologetically. Finding oneself is a beautiful thing and people enjoy life more when they see, feel, and experience the beauty within themselves. A long-term goal for Created Akin is to create physical places where people can explore the beauties of themselves through various mediums such as self-expression, dance, art, reading, and hobbies akin."